Now that the summer holidays are over and done with, back to school it is. But it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things after such a long break. Have you been finding it challenging to come up with ideas to make those lesson plans more fun and interesting for the kids? Do not fret, there are reliable places you can turn to for inspiration.
It may help to know that you are far from being the only person in need of additional inspiration and support to put together more exciting lesson plans. Fortunately, the education industry has responded to this common demand, and seminars, conferences and exhibitions are now commonplace. Look out for ones organised by the British Council, for example, as well as your local council.
Industry events are a great opportunity to do some networking, brainstorming and idea exchanging. All those present will be willing to share their knowledge, tips and tricks so gather as much of it as you can, and share your own experiences in return. Once you have established relationships with other people in similar positions, you can keep in touch and should not hesitate to contact them for more inspiration in the future.
Informal Meetings
If there is a lack of industry events in your local area, or if they are simply too costly to attend, or at the wrong time, consider organising your own meeting. It does not have to be formal. How about an idea exchange evening down at the local pub with your colleagues? Catching up during coffee breaks and at lunchtime is not enough, and the change of scenery could encourage better ideas.
If possible, get teachers from other local schools on board too, and think about making the event somewhat regular.
Encourage a friendly atmosphere by leading a few icebreaker activities, and then moving on to some brainstorming and idea sharing.
The Internet
It is very easy for likeminded people to meet online, and not just through social networks. With a little bit of digging around on search engines, you will come across forums and blogs with teachers finding themselves in the same position as you. These are the perfect platform for idea exchanges and inspiration.
Various charities and organisations also run websites for teachers keen on adding something new to their lessons, and trying something a little less ordinary. Science resources for teachers, music lesson plans, English games and so much more are all readily available to browse and download, and you will find that most of these are free.

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