Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

The choice fell on a smartphone device that has a small dimension, easy to carry, and compact, but the small screen, or on a tablet with a large screen is comfortable to use, but has a heavier weight. For those who want to have a device that is a combination of smartphones and tablet, you can choose the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Galaxy Note? Yes! Samsung’s own name this Note because the device can be said of a tablet that has a smartphone and dimensions can be used to make calls. This smartphone also has a screen size 6 inches is not small and comfortable to use like a tablet. Although not the first time, but Samsung manages to combine two devices into one Galaxy Note is very beautiful.
What distinguishes this one is the Smartphone’s Pen. I had thought that this is a stylus that is used on resistive screen. …

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Tech Review

With the latest tech news today and introduction of any new technology, a number of things tend to go through my head. What are the benefits, will it be worthwhile upgrading my old kit and how expensive will it be?
Normally the answer to the last question is very expensive, as you pay a premium price for the latest technology. Many of us will sit on the fence waiting for others to try it out and then let us know whether it is all that or not.
A lot of the time I am a bit sceptical about all the claims that the creators will feed us and wonder what unknown problems or bugs are hiding around the corner to catch you out. Another reason I convince myself that it’s wise to hang back is whether this new technology will become the industry standard or just another lame duck. We’ve …

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Alien 3 Review

In 1979 Ridley Scott gave us one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made, the horrific masterpiece that was Alien. In 1986 James Cameron dished out a sequel that went a completely different direction from the first one, but was amazingly just as phenomenal, when he made Aliens. And then in 1992 David Fincher, in his very first feature film, gave us Alien 3. Poorly received, initially, this third installment in the saga continues the story of Ripley when her escape pod that her, Newt, Hicks, and Bishop escaped in at the end of Aliens crash lands on an all male prison planet. Ripley is the only survivor of the crash… or so she thinks. Soon enough the horrible xenomorph shows its face again and Ripley once again has to fight for her live while protecting those less experienced in fighting these horrible creatures.
Now, a quick disclaimer. The version …

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