Comparing Windows and Linux Installation – Which One Really is Easier?

Many times comments are made about how hard installing Linux software is. The basis of these comments is quite confusing since it’s really not difficult at all. Many claim that Windows is easy since it’s just a one click install. But is it really that simple?
Installing software in Linux requires just a couple of steps. First you have to click to open your package management software. You must search in that software for what you are looking for. Once the search results come up in a few seconds, you must select which software you want to install. Then you apply the changes and the system automatically downloads the software and install is to your machine. If you can search, click check boxes, and hit an apply button, you can install Linux software.
Is Windows really a one click install? No, it is not. First you must open your browser. You must search for the software you are wanting to download on the internet. You must find a version that is not fake or malicious in any way as there is the possibility of getting a bad executable file. Once downloaded you have to use your file manager to get to the folder where the setup or executable file is. Then you double click on that file and follow the prompts to install the software.
Both methods take more than one click and have their own complexities. In many senses both methods are somewhat similar in the fact that an application much be used with a search to find the software. Both methods are extremely easy to do once you know the process. One isn’t easier than the other as they are just different. Anyone who tells you that one is too hard to install software on either system is fooling you. Learn how to do it and both can be simple.
There are debates about if Linux is hard to install software compared to Windows. When examining both processes, it’s clear that both require a few steps and neither method is a one click solution. They are different but both still very easy.
If you really don’t want to install the software yourself you can always get a neighbor or friend to do it. If all else fails you can take your computer to your local computer store and have them install it for you. The cost will depend on the amount of time needed to install the software.