All That You Need to Know About dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is a special type of service where a single server is used to host one website. The users of this hosting service have the flexibility of adding software, changing server configurations, and have root access for better control of their website.  Suitable for websites that witness heavy traffic and deal with a lot of personal information and data of their clients, dedicated server hosting offers a high level of security. Read on to know more about the features and benefits of dedicated hosting.

When to Go for Dedicated Server Hosting?

While shared hosting plans are suitable for new and small businesses with limited resource and security requirements, they are inadequate to support the needs of your growing business. So, if you are witnessing a sharp surge in the traffic volume of your website or your security requirements have gone up, ask your web hosting company to shift you to a dedicated server.  Again, if the pages of your website are taking a long time to load it may hurt your business in terms of reduced visitor traffic. Another reason to go for dedicated hosting is when you require custom programming for running your website and hosting complex applications.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting involves the allocation of a highly powerful server to cater to all the requirements of your website. The hosting service provider offers servers that are turbocharged with Solid State Drive or SSD and come with fast data reading and writing speeds. Promising better CPU and power efficiency, these servers are configured to boost your websites and applications. The benefits of choosing dedicated hosting in India are:

  1. High-Performance dedicated servers-These servers with SSD storage are powerful enough to handle any type of workload whether a commercial website with high traffic volume or a critical business application.
  2. Customisation of your hardware-when you buy a dedicated hosting plan you can customise and choose the hardware and software that you require for your website since you are not sharing the resources with any other website.
  3. Root Access to Servers– Dedicated hosting provides you with root access thereby giving you the flexibility to customise the applications to be used for your website’s smooth and efficient operations. You get administration access to manage the server as per your needs.
  4. 24/7 Support– Your web hosting service provider will provide you with 24/7 support to manage your website. The support offered through e-mail, chat, and phone ensures that any technical and managerial problems are sorted out quickly.
  5. Greater Reliability– Since the server is being used only to host and maintain your website, you witness higher uptime. Also, your website can easily handle any increase in traffic volume.
  6. High Security– Since the server is not being shared by any other website you can be assured of a high level of security. Dedicated server hosting plans also include additional security features like DDoS protection and malware protection.

When choosing dedicated hosting in India, you have the option to go for managed hosting wherein the hosting service provider takes full responsibility for setting up and managing the server for hosting your website.

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