3 Android Wallpaper Galleries to Download Wallpaper and Customize Your Phone

Hey guys! One of the coolest things about having a smartphone is to customize it our way, right? You can download the apps you like to use and also choose from various phone wallpapers. That way, your cell phone can look even more your own.

Ah! And there are also several galleries that offer free wallpaper images when searching for live wallpapers and animated backgrounds. Did you know? There are HD wallpapers styles for all tastes, from more artistic photos, 3D wallpaper, themed images and even colorful, moving wallpapers and minimalist wallpapers. In this way, they are able to bring together various creative ideas for people to customize smartphones, computers and social networks.

That’s why today we’ve separated some tips for websites where you can find some images to use for your wallpaper. Take a look.

1. Papers.co

Papers.co is an online platform that publishes new images in its gallery daily. But their main difference is that wallpapers are available in many different formats. If you want you can use the same image on your mobile, computer and tablet.

Ah! And they also adapt wallpapers according to the cell phone model. So if you like an image and want to put it on your Samsung Galaxy you can download it in an optimized format.

2. Wave Live Wallpapers

It is one of the coolest options for those who like to look for cool wallpapers in an organized way into categories. There are many options for wallpaper with high quality: video wallpapers, full 3D scenes, parallax 2D and 3D, or simple but beautiful still images.

They also have a mobile app for Android smartphones – Live wallpapers 4K and HD Backgrounds. So you can download the images directly to your mobile. Ah! And an interesting highlight, they also offer a live wallpaper maker that can help you create cool backgrounds using your own photos and videos.

3. Pinterest

Looking for inspiration and creative ideas? It may be that Pinterest is perfect for you. The platform is a social network where people can share ideas, create folders, post photos and videos, exchange messages and much more. Also, a lot of people like to share themed and interesting images on Pinterest.

So, the platform can help you find cool ideas for your next wallpaper. They also have their own app for Android and iOS (iPhone) phones.