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Ocean Mart Roy

If the protesters’ obscure allegations of corruption had been simple to dismiss, now they had been coming from the person liable for obtaining Wal-Mart de Mexico’s permits in Teotihuacán. But the tide turned as INAH’s archaeologists started to seek out evidence that Wal-Mart was building on historic ruins after all. They discovered the remains of a wall dating to approximately 1300 and sufficient clay pottery to fill several sacks. Once again, development was quickly halted so their findings could possibly be cataloged, photographed and analyzed. The discoveries immediately remodeled the skirmish over Mrs. Pineda’s subject into nationwide information.

Such “playgrounds” are the setting for dream areas for Black individuals and other marginalized identities, locations where they will feel protected to play, transfer, express, and exist. How can we play with on a daily basis areas to reduce their contradiction with our wildest dreams? In this dream-like vision, creative play turns …