Why Criticisms of Linux Not Being Ready For the Desktop Are Untrue

Every year a debate goes on whether Linux is ready for the desktop for most average users. Each year some say it is while there are a group that say it is not. This last year the criticisms of why Linux is not ready are the weakest yet meaning that Linux is much closer to being ready. When examining the criticisms, desktop Linux is not as problematic as one might think.
Users need a tool to move data from their current operating system to Linux.
Some believe that this is a requirement before people will move over to Linux. Mac OSX does offer such tools to help Windows users switch over to the Mac and it does have some viability since many started going to Mac after having such tool. Windows user are used to upgrading operating systems without a way of migrating their data. This should not be much of a concern as it’s an issue of user preference versus what Linux is missing. Many applications and settings will be replaced entirely since there will be different applications being used anyway.
Installing software in Linux needs to be easier.
Anyone making this claim probably has not used a modern Linux distribution within the last few years. Today’s Linux install tools are simply point and click. If you can run a search and click a box, you can install Linux software.
Linux needs a similar interface to Windows.
This claim seems to be more of a preference issue. There are many interfaces that look like Windows and Mac and a variety of other flavors. You can find anything you want in a Linux desktop.
Most of these claims really have no substance anymore. Try Linux and see how easy it is to really use. You might be surprised.