MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting for a Complete Isolated Environment

The need for truly dedicated resources and independent servers must have lead you to read this. After all, a dedicated server is the ultimate choice of any web owner who is looking for an ideal host for a traffic-heavy website or wants to host multiple websites or critical applications for the business as the dedicated server comes with great power because, in a dedicated server, the complete server belongs to a single user. It lends the user complete freedom of selecting the preferred control panel and operating system.

But, if you or your organization is still in any sort of dilemma over hopping on to a dedicated server, let me just explain to you and enlist some of the major points to consider as and when to go for a dedicated server for your website.


When does your website need a dedicated or a bare metal server?

No organization would like its website to crash at any given time. It will be as big a calamity as your physical office would demolish after noticing regular earthquakes and losing its ground. No one would like to visit it if its construction isn’t quake proof. So, if your website is receiving heavy traffic flow, why wait for it to crash? Better to update the hosting platform.

With three reasons to back your step:

  1. If you and your organization do have the financial liberty.
  2. If you all want to garner a large amount of control over the day-to-day business operations.
  3. If you want to derive great benefits through the computing facilities.

Then there is no other server type that’ll allow you to have all this in one than the dedicated hosting server.


Why Use a dedicated server?

As mentioned above dedicated servers do come with a hefty price tag, and their maintenance is not everyone’s cup of tea. So if you fall in any one of the following categories then dedicated servers are for you to consider.

Let us look into what exactly are the categories for you to update your website to the dedicated or the bare metal servers.


To host unlimited websites

If you are looking forward to hosting a number of websites or web applications on your hosting platform, or if shared, small business hosting, VPS, or reseller hosting is proving to be insufficient for you then dedicated hosting is the way to go. It gives the required freedom to host or migrate unlimited websites and web-applications on your server space.


To get 100% dedicated resources

With dedicated server hosting, you need not share or virtualize. What you get is a complete isolated bare metal server space for your business.


 To customize as per your needs

Dedicated servers give you the most required free hand to host and run custom applications on your own servers with your custom environment. It even assures the smooth functioning of heavy applications without any glitch.


For Reliability

As you don’t share your resources with anyone else your servers can be as reliable as a warrior is on his chariot, to carry him and provide required safety and security even amidst the peak of the war. Similarly, a dedicated or a bare metal server will carry your website and the data even in the situation of heavy traffic.


For Security

If you run an organization for which the data is as important as any of its other assets then with the availability of a physically isolated environment you get the highest level of privacy and security from your bare metal servers. After all your organization is a castle and it does need a fortress around to protect.

Now if you’ve read until this point then you must have made your mind to upgrade your servers to the mighty dedicated or bare metal servers. In that case let us go through the profile of one of the leading bare metal or dedicated hosting providers, MilesWeb. Let us look into their portfolio and the list of features they offer.


MilesWeb: A Brief about their dedicated hosting servers

MilesWeb is a leading Indian hosting provider. They have a unique track record of successfully catering to clients from different sectors of businesses and a wide spectrum of domains. They’ve come a long way since the company’s inception in 2012. The most iconic feature that their customers do mention now and again is their customer support team. With its professionalism and punctuality, they have had a number of awards in their kitty in such a small period. The recognition they have achieved is by delivering the best and most affordable hosting plans of various platforms i.e. from basic shared to the top-notch bare metal or dedicated servers.

After knowing about them, let us now look into the thing which matters to us, the plans and the features they offer with their dedicated servers.

MilesWeb dedicated server plans

With the wide range of options available you’ll get one which suits your price point and the need of your business. Not to forget that they do offer add on cPanel with all the dedicated server options so that you can manage everything with ease. It is also accompanied by an operating system of your choice from an array of 4 to 5 operating systems.



Prominent features:


Raid hardware

MilesWeb’s bare metal servers do support Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5 and Raid 10 that you can buy at an additional cost if you require.


Sturdy Network

MilesWeb’s data centers are connected to multiple industry-leading service providers including NIXI, DE-CIX, Extreme-IX, etc.


Premium Bandwidth

With the humungous range of 100Mbps to 1Gbps on offer, you need not worry about the data journey and transfer from anywhere at any time.


Setup without any contract or extra charge

MilesWeb offers a free server setup with an option to cancel the server anytime without any cancelation fees or penalties.


SSH root access

MilesWeb provides root access along with every Linux dedicated server providing full control and freedom to install any or all of your websites and web applications on their servers.


The Word to Conclude

If you’ve decided to invest in a dedicated server then you must do the required market research, compare and then take that final decision. With MilesWeb, you’ll get the trust of 20000+ customers including some high-end brands and business entities. So, you should consider them in the alignment of the comparison chart if you make any or just trust their record and have them on board.