How to Edit Videos Easily, Understand the Technique

How to Edit Videos Easily, Understand the Technique

Video editing is currently one of the skills and abilities that everyone needs to have. Because, the video becomes one of the media that is widely used for various purposes, ranging from presentation materials for work results, videos for socialization programs activities, to videos that are done for the needs of lecture assignments.

Not only that, nowadays, many people are starting to turn to the Youtube platform to earn additional income. Here, you can create a wide variety of video content that attracts many viewers or viewers. It can be by creating entertainment content such as song covers, music tutorials, makeup tutorials, beauty tips, vlogs, or video blogs to the content that provides information about sharing the kinds of topics discussed.

That way, if you are interested in trying and developing Youtube content, it is necessary to know how to edit videos well. Editing this video can be done through various applications or software such as Avid, Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut Pro. You can also edit videos with some free apps like iMovie or the alight motion app.

Here we summarize some easy ways to edit videos that you can practice. In video editing, pay attention to image cropping until effects that can make the image more beautiful. So, see the review.

1. Composing Video Recordings

So, How to edit the first video? Editing the video can be done by arranging the results of the video recording to be edited first. In this case, you need to insert multiple video clips to edit into one folder. This will make it easier for you to select and insert videos into the editing app later, as the files have you saved before.

Merging multiple clips in one folder will also prevent various problems during the editing process. That way, select some video clips to edit in one folder. It’s a good idea to separate them into different folders. For example, a folder for the opening clip, middle sections, etc.

2. Open a Video Editor Program

How to edit a video the next step is to open a program or editing application. Open your video editor app, and create a new project or worksheet. Here, you can set the image quality first. Standard image quality can use 720 x 480 setting, or it can also be with 1080 x 720 setting for High Definition.

3. Inserting Videos

After you open a new worksheet and set the resolution, you can edit the video, and then, the next step is to import or insert the video file into the program worksheet. Here, you can click the File menu > and then click Import. After that, select the video file to edit by dragging the file and putting it on the worksheet (drag and drop).

4. Composing Images

How to edit a video the next step is to arrange a video clip by swiping and releasing it to the timeline on the worksheet. Select and set video clips until they have connected or interconnected flows. This can be done by sliding the clip and placing it at a new point as desired. We recommend that you do this step little by little so that the video can organize neatly.

5. Cropping Pictures

The next way to edit a video is to crop or cut. Once all the scenes are arranged in a sequence, you can cut the image immediately. For example, there is an error in one of the clips that you make, you can use the Razor or Cut feature to crop a picture into pieces and delete the unwanted picture. Here, you can consider the artistic side so that the video can be arranged neatly and interestingly.

6. Provide TransitionAl Effect

After composing and cropping an image, the next step that you must to attention is giving the transition effect. This transition effect is very useful for smoothing the movement of an image or video at any change. It’s like transitioning from one scene to another or transitioning to inserting different information or text into a video.

The most commonly used transition effect is fade-in fan fade-out, where images will slowly appear and disappear from the screen. To provide more complex special transition effects, you can use several post-production programs separately like the alight motion app. If you want to learn how to edit easily, you can visit

7. Adjust Color and sound

The next way to edit the video is to adjust the color or coloring and adjust the sound. Not all video editing processes have to do this. But if you want a more professional video result, the coloring stage needs to be done. Here, you need to balance the audio and video so that every scene in the video is similar and there are no distracting volume changes. To do this, you can use the auto color-correct function and volume equalizer available in the program.

8. Watching Edited Videos

The last way to editing videos is to watch or see each progress of the editing. This can be done many times as possible depending on the complexity of the project being worked on. You can also invite friends to watch your edits to provide comments. That way, you can refine the video for even more perfect results.

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