Five iPad Apps You Need To Download Now

On top of being the coolest gadget available to techies the world over at the moment, the iPad offers an array of applications for download. Various apps are capable of improving one’s social life, helping to organise and schedule activities, and simply providing entertainment. Below are five applications that every iPad owner should not go without.
1. TwitterificTwitterific is one of the first Twitter apps for the iPad, and it is arguably the easiest to work with. While the iPhone version was quickly made obsolete due to interface problems, this time around, Twitterific got everything right. It is a quick, intuitive, good looking app. There is no confusion when it comes to navigating between messages, @ replies, time line, and favourites. Transitioning from a computer-based Twitter experience to the Twitterific application should be a breeze for any tweeter. It is available for free download in the iPad App Store, and should not be passed up!
2. iStudiez ProThis is the perfect app for any student, especially university attendees. It is a simple planner that allows students to keep track of all of their responsibilities. Assignments, class or lecture hours, and important dates are easily input and recalled using this simple application. iStudiez Pro proves that the iPad can in fact be used as an educational tool. The cost of this application is $3.00 American (€2.30). Students should download this ultra helpful application today.
3. MarvelThe Marvel app is a must-have for any comic book enthusiast, young or old. The free application allows the download of countless Marvel comic books. Most comics cost $2.00 (€ 1.58), but some can be downloaded for free. The application allows for comic book viewing in beautiful colour and detail. One may even zoom in for panel-by-panel reading. For the iPad owner with an affinity for comics, Marvel does not disappoint.
4.The ElementsThe Elements is an educational app that comes across as too fun to be true. It is, on the surface, a guide to the periodic table of elements. However, once one gets sucked it, it becomes much more. The Elements features 3D images, video, and more, to make learning about science interactive and fun! It costs $14.00 (€11.09).
5. Labyrinth 2This is an addictive, relaxing application, and iPad users cannot get enough! The concept is simple: tilt the ipad to roll a ball through a maze of obstacles and into a hole. Once one picks this game up, though, it is difficult to put back down. The simplicity of concept makes it perfect for young and old iPad owners alike, and this game is well worth the $8.00 (€6.34).
The iPad supports a vast range of applications, but no iPad user should go without these five.