Tips for Android UI Design to Improve Appearance of Your App

In recent years, many software professionals have changed their field and tried to get absorbed in the most rapidly growing field of Android application development to contribute in its success and to get some benefits from it. Developing applications in Android requires one to have strong market understanding and creative thinking. Most important thing in Android application development is design and presentation of the application you create.
It is very crucial to have the most appealing and attractive UI of your Android app. A better user interface of your Android app can offer high quality representation of your app, which helps to get higher ratings and reviews from stores. This leads to get better ranking of your app and at the end you get maximum downloads of your application. This article is aimed to provide some essential guidelines for Android UI design which will help to improve appearance of your …

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The Best PvP Game Tactics

In the PvP world, I follow a simple system of tactics. I mostly PvP on mmorpgs, but these tactics are universal. In solo situations, and group combat for all types of PvP games
Hit and Run
Easily my favorite solo infiltration tactic. Pretty simple idea, speed of attack is important. If you can move in through the enemy ranks taking them out one by one, this will generate mass confusion and make your job a lot easier. When you make your kills you have to stay mobile. Don’t relax, and don’t celebrate. Positioning is extremely important in all PvP games and the key to really utilizing this strategy. Once you master positioning, and staying mobile this tactic will turn you into a human wrecking ball on the PvP field.
Ambush and Camp
A lot of people complain about PvP camping tactics in games, and I don’t see why. Again simple …

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