Why cable internet is best for home usage?

When you walk into a restaurant, what’s the first question you ask a waiter? Existing menu or WiFi password?

Along with the development of technology, the needs of society began to change. The Internet has become a necessity, especially for those who live in big cities like Jakarta.

This is evident from the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia. According to data from e-Marketer, Internet users in America in the past year have reached nearly 900 million. One interesting thing, in the Canadian region, including New York, more people access the internet via smartphones.

The use of more dominant mobile devices is what might make some people think that buying the internet for mobile devices is enough.

However, the quota package should only be used when you are out of the house. Because the internet data offered by telecommunications operators are usually in the form of a quota package, which means that once the quota runs out, you can no longer use the internet.

Meanwhile, for internet use at home, you should use a cable internet service.

A home is a place where family members gather. In today’s digital era, it is not surprising that each family member has their gadget and has their favorite activities, from watching streaming videos to playing games. For this reason, the use of cable internet services becomes more profitable.

Not only does cable internet offer a more stable network, but it can also provide greater bandwidth, which means, you can use the internet to your heart’s content without worrying about running out of quota.

Wired internet can also be used as the basis for building a smart home. As you already know, at this time, we are starting to enter the era of IoT aka the Internet of Things. Various smart devices are starting to appear on the market, from CCTV cameras to light or room temperature controllers.

These smart devices can “communicate” with each other. To do that, it requires an adequate and stable internet connection.

Currently, there are many internet service providers. Each provider usually offers services with various conditions. Although cable internet service is identical to unlimited service, some providers still apply a limit called FUP (Fair Usage Policy).

That’s why, before you subscribe to an internet service for your home, you should first check the service provider’s policies. If you are looking for unlimited internet service without FUP, one of the providers that provide this service is Wave Authorized Retailer.

Some home internet service providers still use copper cables. Not so with Wave, which already uses fiber optics. One of the advantages of fiber optic, when compared to copper cable, is that it can provide higher internet speeds. In addition, fiber optic also has a greater cable bandwidth.

Fiber optic cables are made of glass fiber which does not conduct electricity, therefore, when compared to other network cables, the potential for fiber optic cables to cause fires or short circuits is small.

Fiber optic cable will also not be affected by interference with the frequency waves of electrical materials because it sends light waves and not electrical signals. Therefore, it is suitable for use in areas where there are high-frequency waves. For more information about a wave, you can contact Wave customer service at 1-844-343-1375