The Sandy Bridge E – The Best Computer Gaming Processor on the Market Today!

The long time leader in computer processing is now out doing it self. Intel hit a home run with its Sandy Bridge processors in 2009, and now they are stepping their game up even more with the newest Sandy Bridge E. In a tech world now dominated by numerous cores and overclocking, this CPU is a computer builders dream come true. Performance wise Intel has forever dominated rival AMD. AMD has been a favorite for budget buyers, but any one looking to build a super performing machine has always steered towards Intel. With so many new updates from the second generation Sandy Bridge that released at the beginning of 2010, one can see that Intel has outdone itself this time.
Noticeable improvements include the appearance of six cores with up to 12 threads, up to 15 MB cache, 4 memory channels, and PCIe 3. 0. as opposed to the top out of four cores on the older model Sandy Bridge with only up to eight threads, 8 MB cache, 2 memory channels, an integrated GPU, and PCIe 2. 0. At the top of the list on the new Sandy Bridge E sits the Core i7 3960X putting out a 3. 2 GHz core speed that can be overclocked to 3. 9 GHz. Looking at popular purchasing sites we find reviews on this processor as such:
Rating: 5 stars
Pros: Out standing performance, running nice and cool 24/7 at 4. 8 ghz easily! You pay for the best and you get it!
Cons: None
Another improvement Intel injected the new E series with is 103 w power rating compared to the 90 w top out on the regular Sandy Bridge. This goes for all Sandy Bridge E processors, from the bottom up.
Intel has plans on producing more than one six core series E but only one quad core processor. All will come with new chip set and socket. A socket 2011 and X79 chip set.
The lone quad core release will be slightly restricted in overclocking, but pack enough of a punch where it should not matter much. Customers are already giving it tremendous reviews such as this one:
Rating: 5 Stars
Pros: Quad core (8 threads)
Hyperthreading tech
3. 6 GHz stock
Quad array for DDR3-1600
10MB L3 cache
Affordable 2011 socket CPU!
Cons: Didn’t come with a sticker for my case, and it doesn’t make me breakfast in the morning.
Over all the consensus on the new Sandy Bridge E is that it is a fantastic new upgrade from the Sandy Bridge. The six core processors are designed and marketed in the way of extremely heavy users as a processor to do any thing you throw its way. They are also designed for modifiers who love to overclock and get as much out of a processor as possible for the fun of it. They both are overclock able, with unrestricted clock multipliers. The quad core Core i7 3820 as previously stated is restricted in overclocking, but is still powerful enough to handle almost any work load.
The only flaws we have run across on the new Sandy Bridge E is the cost of the six cored processors with customer complaints such as:
Rating: 5 stars
Pros: Very speedy, handles anything i can throw at it easily, stays cool no matter how hard I game.
Cons: Other than price I would say none but don’t worry, you get what you pay for and more!
And the second and only other flaw we have found the CPU to have is the lack of a heat sink and cooling fan shipped out with it. However Intel does have two systems for sale for the models. The first a traditional heat sink and fan, and the second a water cooled unit ideally for the six cored processors if you intend to overclock.
Over all the new Sandy Bridge E series processors from Intel are more proof that Intel is leading the way in CPU performance.

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