Solar Panels Maintenance And Reasons To Need Exterior House Cleaning Services

What You Need To Know About Solar Panels Care

Caring for solar panels can be said to be easy and difficult. Since the solar panel system is stationary, not much maintenance is required. The motion of the solar panels makes the potential for physical damage fairly minimal. However, maintenance must be carried out seriously and periodically so that the solar panels are durable and long-lasting.

The key to maintaining a solar panel system is to keep it strong, proportionately functioning, efficient, and structurally effective. Fortunately, solar panels are considered durable because even though they have been used for twenty years, their effectiveness is still in the range of 92%. Still, how to clean solar panels requires more attention.

Use A Brush Made Of Soft Material

Using a brush from a hard material is not good for your solar panels. Therefore, use a soft brush. You can use a mop or chamois. Because, if the solar panel is scratched, it can cause the life of the solar panel to be shorter because it affects the effectiveness in absorbing sun exposure as the main energy source.

Wiping The Solar Panels While They Are Still Wet

When cleaning the solar panels, do not allow the water on the solar panels to dry by itself. Prepare clean swabs and dry them immediately before they dry on their own. Keep in mind that the swabs must be soft so as not to scratch the solar panel. It is very important to ensure that the water on the solar panels does not dry out due to sun exposure. This is because, if neglected, it can leave an imprint that affects the absorption of sunlight by solar panels.

Use Professional Services

Maintaining solar panels is not complicated and can be done by anyone, however, there are times when you use the services of a professional or expert. There will be some areas that are difficult to reach. In addition to getting more optimal treatment, you can also ask the experts for suggestions and complaints that you meet directly.

Several solar panels provider services offer to check to their customers, one of which is Not only maintenance, but is also committed to providing end-to-end services to customers including consulting services, surveys, system installation, and monitoring. Not only ensuring that the solar panels’ system is working properly, but will also carry out performance monitoring regularly. Detection of irregularities in the performance of the solar panels’ system and periodic maintenance is also the main service of to consumers.

Now you know what to do to maintain a solar panel system on a building roof. With clean and well-maintained solar panels, it is hoped that the solar panels in your home can work optimally and have a longer service life. If you find difficulties during maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact the solar panels’ provider.

Home Exterior Parts That Need Home Exterior Cleaning Services

During winter, our homes face some extreme conditions. Here are some parts of the exterior of the house that require exterior house cleaning services:


With all the snow that fell over the last season, there’s a good chance your roof may fall victim to ice damage. Freezing ice occurs when large accumulations of snowmelt turn into ice, usually around troughs or valleys of your roof. This ice forms a barrier that prevents the melted snow from drying out. The water can then be backed up and refrozen thereby damaging the shingles. This kind of damage is usually difficult to clean, it is the job of Exterior House Cleaning Services to fix that problem.

Windows & Caulking

Check for missing caulking or cracks joining your walls. If the Window appears to have fallen off or is missing, you can fill in the blanks with exterior grade silicone or polyurethane. Also, check for moisture in the windows, as the seals can be separated and will require repair. This requires complete equipment that you don’t have, the complete equipment that Exterior House Cleaning Services has can be very easy to handle.

Siding & Stucco

Wall cladding and stucco are your home’s main defense against the elements. If you have vinyl siding make sure all parts are installed properly. Sometimes the lap from the siding can be detached during strong winds. The repair will also be difficult if the walls of your house are high, Exterior House Cleaning Services are there to overcome this.

Air Conditioner

Chances are if you missed a spring check on your air conditioner, it might not be working as well as it could. During the winter months, dirt and debris can clog the cooling fins. Low coolant levels, dirty blower fan filters, and some other simple problems can significantly reduce the efficiency of your AC condenser and wear it out faster. You can’t do everything, only a professional Exterior House Cleaning Services can check the coolant level.

Concrete Surface

Again, during the winter months cracks and unevenness in the concrete surface can occur. The right silicone can repair smaller cracks. The bigger it gets, the harder it is to repair and the more likely a professional will have to be called in to fix this. In the case of a property sale, cracks in the concrete can be an eyesore for potential buyers. This can be the first thing a potential buyer sees and one that can set a negative tone for them seeing your home.

Landscape Survey

Check in the yard for low-lying areas and add additional soil to prevent water pooling. Cut as necessary all shrubs and trees. Sometimes it’s winter on the lawns so hitting those areas early also makes this lawn look good. Leave The Tasks To Exterior House Cleaning Services If You Are Too lazy and don’t have time to clean the Landscape.

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