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Razer Orochi: Overview

Razer has outdone itself once again with this state of the art gaming mouse. The Razer Orochi has spectacular features aimed at ensuring you get that sizzling gaming experience. Here is a quick look into some of the amazing features of this mouse.
The mouse has a dual mode functionality i.e. wired/wireless. The concept of a wireless functionality came up as Razer realized that there was a need to address portability needs of gamers and provide them with a reliable solution. Thus with Bluetooth technology incorporated in this gaming mouse, one is able to use it without having to connect it to the computer directly with a cable. The Razer Orochi does indeed solve the problem of portability among gamers.
But one would be left wondering, what is the source of power for this gaming mouse in its wireless mode? Well, the answer is, batteries. This mouse uses two AA size batteries to give it power in its wireless mode. This mouse connects via Bluetooth in its wireless mode and it is still able to achieve the kind of accuracy, speed and precision that you would expect from a mouse in its wired functionality. A quick comparison of the Razer Orochi in its wireless and wired mode reveals that, in its wireless mode, Razer Orochi drives up to 2000 DPI sensitivity & 125 Hz polling / 8ms response rate. On the other hand, in its wired mode, the Razer Orochi is able to deliver up to 4000 DPI sensitivity and 1000 Hz ultrapolling / 1ms response. Now how cool is that?
Better still, this mouse has an on/off switch at the bottom of it which will be of great help in saving the power of your mouse batteries so that they last longer. This on/off switch is however not easily recognizable. If you do not know that it is there, chances are that you may never notice it. You may also wonder how long your batteries are going to last in this gaming mouse in its wireless Bluetooth functionality. This will definitely depend on how long and frequently you use this gaming mouse. The more frequently you use this gaming mouse the faster its battery power will deplete.
Razer Orochi review – However, Razer has stated in the specifications of this mouse that on average the batteries will last you between 1-3 months. This is fairly a long enough time to enable you get enough of game play with this mouse in its wireless mode. Something else that is worth noting is that there is no LCD indicator on the Razer Orochi that will show you how much battery power is left. Therefore, if you want to know how much battery power is left, you have to check the indicator on your windows system tray. Be sure to check it from time to time so that you are not caught unawares when your battery dies and you are in the middle of a game. It may also be worthwhile having an extra pair of batteries to enable you continue enjoying your game play when the current batteries that you are using die.
When you buy your Razer Orochi gaming mouse, here are a few of the things that you should expect to find in the package:
– A Razer Orochi Gaming mouse
– A USB cable
– A nice travel pouch that will be very handy in carrying the mouse around plus its USB cable
– 2 AA size batteries ( these are for operating the mouse in its wireless mode)
– Guides, stickers and other small peripherals
The Razer Orochi gaming mouse has 4 side buttons, two of which are located on one side and the other two are located on the other side of the mouse. These side buttons are used to change the sensitivity settings of the mouse so as to suit your needs and preferences. So for those of you who like mice that can be customized to meet your specific preferences, rest assured that the Razer Orochi gaming mouse will provide you with a platform to do this customization. Once you change the sensitivity settings to suit your needs, these settings will be stored on the mouse’s memory or the Razer synapse on-board memory. However, you need to connect to the USB first to “program” it so that these settings can be accepted and stored.
When it comes to performance, one can’t help but notice how this mouse handles great acceleration with ease. The unusually low lift off distance makes the switch more pleasant than you would ordinarily expect it to be. The sensor of the mouse is also located exactly at the centre of the mouse. This helps to improve the sensitivity of the mouse and improve on the performance of this mouse. You will definitely love using this mouse. Trust me on that.
Another feature worth noting is the Teflon feet that this gaming mouse has. This mouse has 4 very large Teflon feet on its backside that make it to glide very smoothly on the surface as you move it around. The Teflon feet also make the mouse to be very stable and you won’t have to worry about your mouse wobbling as you move it.
Razer Orochi review – However, something that you will not like about this mouse is its compact size. This mouse is not as big as the other gaming mouse produced by Razer e.g. Razer DeathAdder. The small size of the Razer Orochi gaming mouse leaves an uncomfortable and unrest feeling for gamers after using the mouse for a few hours. I believe that Razer could have done a better job when it came to the size of this gaming mouse. But all in all, it is still a wonderful mouse that is definitely worth having. Well done Razer. The Razer Orochi is a fantastic gaming mouse worth purchasing.

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