Pool Game – Pool Table Etiquette

Pool game is an interesting game with a rich history. For many people, it is a game that is often played for fun and enjoyment with friends and family. It becomes more interesting when pool etiquette is adhered to. A little pool etiquette goes a long way to ensure that each player has a good time playing, free of arguments and fights. Good human relations in all games help to build good teams that will always feel free to play each other. In this relevance, it is very essential to learn pool table etiquette for peaceful and fun filled games.
Pool table etiquette rules and tips for pool equipments
Pool game table etiquette rules and tips apply wherever you go out to play and most of them are simple to stick to. This is because they involve common sense and courtesy. Pool table and other game equipments are expensive; therefore it is vital to handle them gently to avoid damages. Be careful with chalk because hand chalk can be applied some few meters away from the table. Likewise, cue chalk should never be placed on the rails facing upside down as this will cause a mess. Pool table brushes, bridge and other accessories should be kept properly to avoid accidents and possible damages. In addition, do not place drinks, food or cigarettes on a pool table. They can tamper with pool table cloth.
Player’s Pool table etiquette
When playing pool game, it is necessary to keep off a pocket which your opponent is aiming at. This is very distracting and it is best to stay off an opponent’s field completely. Stay off the table once your turn is over as this gives more space for your opponents to inspect the layout freely, as well as more room to shoot effectively. The game requires a lot of concentration and it is for this reason that players should avoid making noise while someone is taking a shoot. Remember a proper shot is achieved through keen concentration which requires as little noise as possible.
Players should always treat each other with a lot of dignity, for example treat your opponent as you would like him or her to treat you and it will help build a good relationship. It costs nothing to congratulate an opponent for a well played game whether you win or lose. Never yell at someone who has lost a game, just treat him respectfully.