Introduction to IOS 5.1 – Features and Attributes

iOS 5.1 is scheduled to be the first important update after iOS 5 was launched last year. iPhone 4S leveraged those features to a certain extent. But with the advent of iOS 5.1, there would be further more improvements. Apple’s mobile operating system will get a major makeover with the new updates given to Siri which is Apple’s new voice-controlled assistant. Some of the changes made to the platform can surely be exploited with iPhone 4S.
There are some sources which leak out the features of future updates from Apple. A developer was quoted as saying that the iOS 5.0.2 update that will address some minor battery issues while the iOS 5.1 update will contain the Siri updates.
One of the biggest news about the updates is that Siri has been endowed with the capability to adjust hardware settings which would be a drastic change to a voice-activated iOS version. Commands such as “Turn off my Phone” or “Open my Pictures folder” will be recognizable to Siri and even actionable. This would be a major step forward in the world of smartphones.
Siri is expected to be a central focus of iOS updates according to analysts and leaked reports. Adding the hardware support to Siri’s repertoire would be fantastic for iPhone lovers as users are keen to upgrade their devices as soon as possible. The current beta release of iOS 5.1 has showed the ability of adding the camera icon at the locked screen of the iPhone 4S. You can access it by double tapping the home button. The camera icon is supposed to be a slider thus revealing the camera app when the icon is pulled up.
One of the latest rumors mentions that the notes will also be getting some generous tweaks and enhancements with iOS 5.1, which is presumed by some of the analysts to be launched on 9th March. One can write, save, and edit the notes and also have e-mail support but the changes which are planned in the update will guarantee a better but simple, one-font, one-format, monochrome text setting. The hugely sought after retina display is also expected to make an appearance in the updates.
A Brazilian blog even provided screens of Japanese support in the impending iOS menu system. That would mean Siri would be able to support diverse languages with the extended support for Japanese users. Further plans reveal that Siri might support other languages too such as Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish. The release is likely to be announced with the launch of iPad 3.