How to Market Your iOS Apps and Get Ranked in iTunes

Have you developed your mobile app? Is it good enough to bring you business by itself? What do you think? It doesn’t matter how good your app is unless and until the app has been made available to the users, that is, the users get to interact with the app. If you want to learn the tactics of how to promote your application over iTunes then you are at the right place.
Making an app with good graphics and finest functionality doesn’t necessarily mean that it will generate business and popularity for you. You have to promote the app in the market via other means too. There are a few guidelines that you must follow while promoting your app so that the users know what it is that you have made for them.
First, you must perform a proper analysis of all the apps available on iTunes that contain features similar to your app. Point out the characteristics of your app that are unique and superior to other apps. The work of promoting your app starts right from the launching. The first property with which user interacts is the title and appearance of your app, try to make your app title exclusive and provide an attractive image that catches the users’ eyes.
Once your app has been launched, user will interact with it in the latest release and other iTunes categories, but after some time your app’s ranking might fall down in the market. If it does, then the only way it will top the charts is if you develop an app that is damn good in comparison to other apps or you need to practice other means to promote your app and generate business. Now, how will you maintain its position? The answer is right here, an app will enjoy high-ranking in the store only if it is receiving large number of downloads.
Now the question arises as to how will you make people download your application? The answer is really simple, users will only download your app if they get to interact with it and have knowledge about its functionality. You must be again thinking, how you will make people interact with your app other than over iTunes. The answer is on the “web.” People may get to know about your app from various web resources.
Now I am going to tell you the key elements that you must keep in mind while marketing your application. “Do not be aggressive.” Never do excessive submission of your app all over the place – the best way is blogging. Create an iOS application blog and regularly update your blog by posting information about your applications. Never forget to provide iTunes URL link of your application in your blog post so that the users easily interact with the app.
Once you are done with the mobile application development, you need to think! Have you done enough for your app’s marketing? I don’t think so. Then what else can you do? Well, social media is the answer. People surf a lot over social networking web sites, so provide information about your applications and updates in a very attractive manner so that the users visit more often, download and share your app. You must provide regular updates to the users emphasizing on better features and improved graphics.
I believe these pointers are more than enough for the marketing perspective of your app and it will surely get your app high-ranking in the iTunes market. Practice these tactics for your apps and let me know if they work for you.